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New Beginnings: Capturing Pets in Springtime

It's spring! Yes, we made it through another winter. Although to be honest I rather like winter. I always feel like winter is a time to regroup. To refocus when things slow down and I can reevaluate my year and decide what my new goals will be for the coming year. But I digress. This post is about Spring and all the beauty and newness of the season! Capturing our four legged friends in springtime is also very exciting and makes a beautiful back drop for their cuteness!

Keep Your Subject Engaged

Springtime is beautiful and colorful and fresh. The flowers are abundant and the sun feels warmer and softer. The grass starts to turn green. Natures transformation is breathtaking. Even our animals feel spring time. They get so excited to smell all the smells and be in the warmer air. So I highly recommend taking the time to get out there with your dog or horse or what ever your best friend is, and snap some photos! What are some things I look for when photographing in springtime? I look for new growth, flowers and anything that my subject may take an interest in. Horses seem to enjoy sniffing flowers on trees. Dogs love the new smell of fresh grass. The more interaction and interest your subject takes in their surrounding, makes for a more genuine and interesting image. So let them do what they are going to do. Some of my best images are not of my subjects posing or being put into positions, but in just capturing them do what they do.

Clouds and Rain

Now flowers and butterflies are great. But let's not forget what comes before all that in Spring, the rain! So much rain at least in my area. But it makes everything grow and blossom so rain is amazing! I wouldn't recommend taking photos in the rain, for obvious reasons, its wet, your subject will be wet, your camera won't bode well with the water. But cloudy days are a must! Clouds diffuse the sunlight and creates this gorgeous even lighting. So don't be afraid of cloudy days. Also rains create puddles! Puddles are awesome for reflections. So once it stops raining get out there and start shooting. Trust me!

Golden Hour

The time of day is everything when taking outdoor photos of your furry pal. Taking photos mid day is not the best time as the sun is very harsh and bright. The best time is either just after sunrise or just before sunset, or what photographers fondly refer to as Golden Hour. Your photos will have more drama, depth and a beautiful warm color. And now that spring is here and the clocks have jumped ahead, the days are longer and the morning sunrises are a bit later. It's the perfect time to get out there and capture those amazing photos.

What is your favorite thing about springtime and what do you like most about taking photos outdoors? Have any photos or tips you would like to share? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

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