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Wooden Box with USB (Digitals)

High Resolution
20 images...3,020
15 images...2,250
10 images...1485
5 images...715
3 Images...525

Social Sharing
20 images...1,220
15 images...930
10 images...645
5 images...355
3 Images...290

Tricia Charles Photography saves all digital files with the sRGB color profile in Adobe Photoshop, in JPEG format. This is the color profile and format most print labs require. Please be aware your choice in print lab may strongly impact the visual quality of your printed artwork.

Tricia Charles Photography retains copyright of all images purchased. Your purchase includes permission to reproduce with no quantity limit in the form of copies and/or reprints of these images for personal use and distribution.You may not use any of these images for commercial, editorial or competition use without written consent of Tricia Charles Photography.

Your choice of high resolution or social media size digital images will be provided via a USB Drive, are crafted from solid wood and store 8GB. High Res Images, includes a print release. delivered and stored within a keepsake wooden box.

Digital images are sold in 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 bundles.

High Resolution Images: Images saved at a resolution of 300ppi or higher, are suitable for printing large prints and include a print release with watermark/logo removed from the image.

Social Media Size Images: Images saved at a resolution of 200ppi or lower, are suitable for digital use such as sharing through social media sites, email or kept as screen savers on your computer or mobile device. Social media sized images are not intended or recommended for printing and Tricia Charles Photography cannot guarantee the image quality if prints/products are made from these images. Watermark/logo remain on all purchased images as they are intended for sharing and not printing.

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