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Tricia Charles

Tricia Charles during photo session with golden retriever
Tricia Charles_Tricia Charles Photography
Tricia Charles taking photos countryside


I always find it difficult to write about myself, but alas here I am writing about myself. 😊 I am...lets just say in my 40's. I have been an artist since the day I was born. I attended art school for a time after high school, then decided to go to school to get an academic degree instead. I graduated with a BA in Social Psychology. I went straight to work, got married and had children. My life is very full and I love my family with my heart and soul each and every day. But my heart was missing art, missing being able to create. So I decided it was time to do the thing I was born to do. I have always loved photography and today especially there is so much creative license with digital photography! I get lost in it for hours on end (just ask my family 😉). To say I'm passionate is an understatement. I want every picture to have meaning, to ignite feelings and make people stop and stare. I find solace in my art, it fills my soul. And what better way to create artwork than with our four-legged friends.  

There are many things I love about photographing dogs and horses. They are so loving, sweet, intelligent, loyal (I mean what's not to love!?) From a creative perspective  I love that it challenges me to look at different angles and heights and allows me to see from their perspective. So if you see a woman lying on the ground holding a camera, that is probably me!

Tricia Charles at local Grafton Dog Event


I am a member of the PPA Professional Photographers of America and a MTOG member. MTOG is an international association of professional photographers. Both associations share in my passion and provide a supportive and educational framework. Through continuous learning and valuable critiques, I continue to grow and learn. Members from all over the globe continue to inspire me, it's a wonderful collaboration of creative minds. 

MTOG Premium Member_Tricia Charles Photography
Bronze Certification_Tricia Charles Photography
Advance Outdoor Canine Portraiture Course_Tricia Charles Photography
PPA Member_Tricia Charles Photography


Golden Retriever in woods_Tricia Charles Photography
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