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Self Portrait of Tricia Charles sitting on a green sofa with her dog Benji

Behind the lens

Tricia Charles

Welcome to my website! I'm so glad you are here and have found my Behind the Lens page. My name is Tricia and sitting next to me is my forever faithful companion and best bud, Benji. To start off, I would like to disclosure I am someone who is much more comfortable and confident behind the lens than in front of it,  but I want you to feel comfortable about who you are booking with and so sharing a little bit about me is important to me. So let's jump in. 😊


Like most stories, how I got to where I am today was not a straight line. I spent the first 20 years of my life in art from drawing, painting, ceramics, airbrushing, charcoals, photography, you name it I probably dove head first into it. Art school was a given for me, but that's also when everything shifted. I began to doubt myself and my abilities and my path suddenly shifted. I traded my art degree for a psychology degree and my passion for art took a back seat to raise a family. It took me many years to rediscover my passions and I am slowly back on the path to creating and loving what I do. Photography checks both of those boxes for me.

I started my photography business back in 2019 and its been an evolution of my business, my art and my soul.  There are many things I love about photographing dogs and horses. They are so loving, sweet, intelligent, loyal (I mean what's not to love!?) From a creative perspective  I love that it challenges me to look at different angles and heights and allows me to see from their perspective.

What I want to provide to you are gorgeous memories of your time with your beloved furry friend. I want you to smile when you see your images. I provide high quality print lab products that will last a lifetime in your home. At the end of the day, my job is to create art for you that you can cherish for decades.

So if you see a woman lying on the ground holding a camera, that is probably me! And if you take anything from reading this, know that I absolutely love being a photographer and pour my heart and soul into every image. 

Why What I  DO is POSSible

I am a member of the PPA Professional Photographers of America and a MTOG member. MTOG is an international association of professional photographers. Both associations share in my passion and provide a supportive and educational framework. Through continuous learning and valuable critiques, I continue to grow and learn. Members from all over the globe continue to inspire me, it's a wonderful collaboration of creative minds. 

Bronze Certification_Tricia Charles Photography
MTOG Premium Member_Tricia Charles Photography
Advance Outdoor Canine Portraiture Course_Tricia Charles Photography
PPA Member_Tricia Charles Photography

May This  Be The  Beginning OF a Beautiful Friendship.

Golden Retriever in woods_Tricia Charles Photography
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