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New Look, Same Talented Eye: Introducing Tricia Charles Photography's Rebrand

I am really excited to announce my rebrand! I've been working for almost a year to come up with a look and feel and logo that represents my work what Tricia Charles Photography stands for. I think I nailed it. 😎 As most of you know I'm back in school for graphic and web design and I've been using this new skillset to apply to my photography business. Creating logos and a brand is no easy feat! There is a lot to consider. I think I went through about 3 dozen iterations before deciding on the logo you see above. It is a challenge to be sure to create something that says so much about yourself. It's hard than you might think! I will also say, I'm not an expert and still learning, but I am pretty happy with my choices.

Let me walk you through a little about my branding choices, and what I wanted to convey with my logo. Obviously I am a photographer (hence the aperture ring) and what kind of photography I do (equine & canine). The logo itself for me needed to be clean, simple, rich and recognizable. The font I chose to use I wanted it to be interesting but easy to read. I wanted it to feel classic but also beautiful. Not too feminine, but also not sterile. And I just love this font! It checked off all the boxes for me. I have 3 total iterations of my logo the one above and these as well:

All 3 give me flexibility in terms of placement on certain posts, documents, web design. All are interesting in their own way, But all are still the same logo and font and if you see anyone of them you will recognize it as my brand.

Finally the colors! This I think was the hardest for me, its rare for me to find a color I don't love. So trying to land on just a small handful to represent my business was a huge challenge for me. But after several iterations of a color palette I finally chose the following:

For my colors I want them to convey richness, professionalism, trust, sophistication and represent colors that you'd find in nature as almost all my photography is done outdoors. I of course wanted enough diversity to give me flexibility when applying them to documents and my website. I didn't want them to be all cool or all warm, I wanted a variety (think New England seasons). I think the colors I chose encompass all of these things.

Of course, with my new brand comes a revamped website. You can check it out here: . I have simplified my website, removed some pages, and aligned the color scheme and style with my new brand. I've also revamped my pricing structure to also keep it as simple as possible. I've also changed some of the products I offer and removed products that didn't sell over the past couple of years.

My look has changed but my passion for photography and my dedication to my clients has not. I will continue to provide superior customer service to my clients and strive to better my craft with every photo I take. Thank you to all my supporters who make my growth possible.

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