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And Just Like That...

Spring is almost over! I honestly don't know where the time went! One minute I'm posting about taking photos in springtime back in March and the next minute its June! Life has completely gotten away from me these last couple of months! I do hope you have taken time this spring to look around and see all the glorious flowers and blooms. The show mother nature puts on in the spring is quite something. 🌸 Now I do have some updates and upcoming projects I'm working on. So let's get to it!

What I've been doing...

First let me explain what I've been doing these last two months. I'm in the midst of a portfolio project that I will be revealing later this year. And I have been working on images with some amazing owners and dogs. The image below is part of the project I'm working on. These cuties are about as photogenic as they come! This picture was taken in Plymouth at Brewster Gardens. Definitely one of my top favorite backdrops for portraits.

What's coming...

I'm planning to work on a few additional portfolio pieces in the equine space. If you fit the bill or know anyone who may, please forward them this link. I'm taking submissions for this model call until June 14th. 👇 ⬇️ . All the information about this model call is in the link. This is a much smaller project and I am only looking for 1 or 2 models. My focus for this project is subjects in a landscape.

Mini Sessions!! I am planning beach mini sessions for this fall! If you love that beachy backdrop and gorgeous ocean view, these mini sessions are for you! What is a mini session you ask? Just what it sounds like, a shorter version of my hour long sessions at a lower price point. These are great if you are nervous about your dog not behaving for a full hour, or just want to get a few images but not invest in a full session.

Why wait for the fall you ask? Because almost all beaches in Massachusetts are closed to dogs until after labor day. But fear not, the beaches will still look the same and the weather is still quite nice in September/October. Stay tuned for more information about dates and locations.

School is currently on pause for the summer, classes will pick back up this fall. Its been great so far and I'm learning a lot. I look forward to incorporating what I've learned into my business. For those of you new here, I enrolled in a graphic and web design certificate program last fall to help me with the business side of things here. Marketing, branding and graphic design go hand and hand. And are an important part of a successful business.

I hope you have a great summer and don't forget that while you are capturing those summer moments behind your camera to also take a moment to be in the moment.

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