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Life's a Beach

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I know what you're thinking, yes its November, why am I talking about the beach? Because I finished up an amazing project consisting entirely of beach shots. It was such a great experience! Not only did I get to be on the beach doing what I love, but I got to meet some beautiful dogs, and some wonderful people. This project was intended to challenge me, up until now, I've shot very wooded outdoor areas.

There is always a lot of interest naturally outdoors and I can create dark and dramatic images. But the beach while my favorite place in the world, is rather bright and vast. I wanted to see what my abilities could do with dogs in a beach environment. I think I'm pleased with this project, I will say I learned a lot! Like the limits of my camera, how quickly lighting changes in an open environment, how a dog reacts to open beach is very different than outside in a back yard. Dogs want to run and jump and play in the water! Its awesome to see but as a photographer you have to contend with keeping a dog dry long enough to get in the portrait shots, because they become wet, and matted. I learned that sunrise provides stunning warmth to a shoot and provides extreme light and darkness.

I always stop and admire how much dogs appreciate and take in their environment. I mean who doesn't love a good sunrise?

Every session presented with different challenges and lighting so every session and even within each session images have slightly different look and feel to them. But I think my style still consistently shows through in every one of them. So here are the wonderful dogs that stole my heart and allowed me to grow as a photographer. Thank you to their owners for taking time out of their busy schedules to help me with this project!

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2 commentaires

Kristina Cerullo
Kristina Cerullo
05 nov. 2022

Love seeing all the other gorgeous shots and dog models. You are so talented, Tricia! - Kristina, Allie & Stella

Tricia  Charles
Tricia Charles
06 nov. 2022
En réponse à

Thank you so much Kristina! 🥰

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